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FREEDOM FUND 2022 | Award Nominations

Metropolitan Kalamazoo Branch NAACP Honors

Each year, the Metropolitan Kalamazoo Branch NAACP honors individuals and organizations from the greater Kalamazoo area who have positively impacted people of color in the community. 


Nominations for the Humanitarian, Distinguished Veteran and Dr. Charles C. Warfield Youth Community Service Award are now being accepted.


Deadline for Applications are due Friday, September 23, 2022 by 11:59PM EST.


Humanitarian Award: Honors an individual from the community whose significant contributions have improved the lives of people of color in the areas of politics, education, religion, civil rights and/or community service. 

Downloadable Nominations

Distinguished Veteran Award: Honors service men and women whose lives (post military) have exemplified service and a commitment to the betterment of the greater Kalamazoo community. 

Downloadable Nominations

Dr. Charles C. Warfield Youth Community Service Award Honors the fine efforts of a local African-American high school senior with a sense of community who is energetically and enthusiastically engaged in community service, community projects, and other community-based activities. 

Downloadable Nominations
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